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Is Your Hotel Lacking A Crucial Support?


We unleash your hotel’s potential through our inherent passion for developing marketing strategies, paired with our love for mastering cutting-edge technologies.

AI in hotel marketing has begun elevating the hotels that embraced it. Stay ahead with us, as our remarkable team of hotel revenue and marketing experts ensures our hotel partners remain at the forefront every day.

Stunning Hotels & Resorts Trust Us

Unlock A Simple Way of Hotel Revenue Management

OTA Management

Optimize revenue seamlessly with our expert OTA management, ensuring your hotel stays ahead in the market trends.

Mobile Booking Engine

Optimize bookings with advanced Booking Engine, enhancing your hotel revenue strategy and minimizng commision effortlessly. 

Channel Management

Optimize bookings and revenue effortlessly with our expert Channel Management solutions, tailored for your hotel’s success.

Central Reservation System

Drive bookings to new heights with exceptional utilizition of state-of-the-art Central Reservation System tactics for optimal outcomes.

Digital Marketing

Revolutionize your hotel’s online visibility and bookings with our cutting-edge AI-assisted digital marketing strategies. Stay ahead effortlessly.

Reputation Management

Craft a positive digital narrative for your hotel with our reputation management, strategically shaping guest perceptions.

RevPAR and Rate Audit

Optimize RevPAR with our expert Rate Audit services—strategic, up-to-date solutions for maximum revenue and profitability.

Guest Communication & Relation

Maximize profits with our expert Price Management, leveraging the latest trends for strategic hotel revenue optimization.


Unleash Limitless Market Presence

Unleash limitless market presence through our seasoned approach to online presence management, OTA optimization, and cutting-edge marketing strategies. Stay ahead with our commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will credits for OTA and guest payments be deposited?

All payments from OTAs and guests will be directly credited to the hotel’s account. The responsibility for confirming and providing receipts for these payments lies with the hotel, including payments made at the front office by guests.

How are the hotel website and booking engine managed?

We redesign the hotel website or create a new one if none exists. We strongly advise each hotel to have its own booking engine and payment gateway for enhanced direct revenue. Stayworx does not charge for website development and booking engine setup.

The hotel is responsible for directly paying the software charges to the software company and acquiring the domain and hosting from a domain service provider. We will support you throughout this process without any additional cost.

Who pays for social media and Google ads?

We offer two options for Google and Social Media ads. Stayworx, Inc. can invest funds on behalf of the hotel, and the charges, including service fees, will be invoiced to the hotel at the end of the month. Alternatively, we can create an ad account using the hotel’s email, and you can deposit funds on your own.

It’s important to note that ad campaign investments will be discussed in our weekly Saturday meetings and executed post approval from the hotel management.

Are there any charges associated with OTA and technology setup?

No setup charges apply to any of our three plans for a minimum one-year subscription. For unique contract requirements focused solely on technology and marketing infrastructure setup, with the intention of self-operating online presence, our account manager will liaise with you.

Is there any lock-in period for your services?

In the first three months, we engage in significant technology and setup activities in all three plans. Since we do not charge any setup fees, our services require a minimum commitment of 3 months, coupled with a 1-month notice period. After the initial three months, a notice period of 1 month is adequate.

What if I am not satisfied with the stayworx services?

In the event of any dissatisfaction or feedback, we encourage hotel staff to communicate with us for proper resolution. Questions or concerns can be directed to our CEO at or through a call at +91 9284181010.

If both parties still decides to terminate the partnership, the hotel is required to settle any outstanding bills. Stayworx will responsibly transfer all digital and OTA assets, while acknowledging that all assets posted on social media and OTA platforms belong to the hotel.

Do you offer training for hotel staff?

We enjoy sharing knowledge and provide two free 2-hour online sessions every month.

If a hotel desires on-site training about OTAs or other topics or invites our Digital Marketing team for ideation and product knowledge, charges will apply. For visits within the city, the hotel incurs travel costs. However, for visits outside Goa, charges encompass transportation, accommodation, and meals for our training staff is applicable. An estimated cost will be sent, requiring payment prior to confirmation, and it will be billed in the monthly statement.

Will you allocate dedicated staff to hotel?

In the present day, it’s challenging for one individual to excel in every field. Our robust team includes OTA managers, content creators, OTA liaison managers, social media strategists, and market analysts, all dedicated to the success of your hotel.

However, you will always have one account manager, ensuring they remain accountable for assisting you with any inquiries and service reports.

How will I stay Up-To-Date on Stayworx Actions?

Stayworx uses a standardized daily and weekly reporting format for all activities. Our sales representative ensures that the hotel management understands the format before the contract starts.

Every Saturday, we schedule an online meeting to go through these daily and weekly reports with our team in action and the hotel management. These meetings also assist us create strategies and actionables.

What is required for an immediate start?

The commencement of our services is contingent upon the receipt of the first three months’ subscription charges, a signed agreement, NOC, and property documents.

To initiate the operational action, we require administrative access to your GMB, access to existing software, and all OTA credentials if your hotel is already operational. If you lack any of these, we will assist you in starting from scratch.

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